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Reference pictures for artwork


Still life, landscapes, portraits or whatever your subject, good reference photographs are important. In this presentation, we will deal with the most common problems and even the tougher challenges. The emphasis is on the basic understanding of capturing the subject and solving our issues before they become problems.

Asking yourself about the composition and other considerations of setting up the scene: where is the horizon? Vanishing point? Is there a foreground, middle ground and background? The values, elements of design, what is the orientation of the viewer?

Most cameras today do a great job of making nice pictures of many situations. Many great art projects require going beyond the normal,

where a little more knowledge is needed. I can help alleviate those frustrations in my presentation without too much technical time. Discussion of lens choice and effect on perspective, limitations and capabilities of the camera.

This is a "hands on" approach. Bring your camera, manual and prepare for a good time. I will have a computer to demonstrate the whole process.




What's the difference? Fidelity.
Accuracy that can only be archived with the best of equipment and color management.
Prints are made on real photo paper by a custom lab. No inkjet's here (only for proofs).


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