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Laurel D’Agnillo – Artist
Jacksonville, FL

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I studied the tromp l’oeil (French for “fool the eye”) style of oil painting for many years while in Buffalo, NY. This taught me to use light color against dark color to give my paintings depth. I work on my paintings in a spare bedroom in my home converted into a studio. There I paint while listening to classical music with my dog as company and cannot think of a better way to spend the day. I begin by using my photographs (I use an old 35 mm camera - no digital for me!) from my trips to Savannah and St. Augustine as a basis for the start of each original painting. Soon, as each painting develops, creative license takes over. From the photo comes a pencil drawing used to work out the composition. Once that is complete, it is then re-drawn on a canvas and oil paint is applied. Changes such as enhancing color (especially adding red - a favorite color of mine); trees and flowers are put as needed or removed, etc until it becomes a much more creative, nostalgic setting. Scenes such as gates, courtyards, marsh scenes, gardens, café scenes are typical subjects in my original oil paintings. Currently, my style is leaning more toward impressionism.

Memberships: St. Augustine Art Association
St. Simon’s Fine Art Guild
Spanish Garrison of St. Augustine

Gallery: The Avondale Gallery - St. Johns Ave, Jacksonville
Cork & Keg Wine Bar & Gallery

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