Specializing in executive, wedding and landscape photography, Kirk attributes his success in producing stunning photos to his ability to “connect” with his subjects.

I made my first darkroom using my mother's cereal bowls for trays and a piece of glass and a light bulb for contact prints. I "dodged and burned" for hours under a dim red light. I bought film in 100' rolls and photographed just about everything, from postage stamps to clouds, with all kinds and sizes of cameras. The George Eastman House was my hangout. While other kids played baseball, I took pictures. I taught photography and printing at a junior high in Rochester.

I went to school for electronics on the cusp of the digital age, which gave me a foundation in computers. I also studied graphics when we were still using Exacto knives and wax for a perfect layout (literal cut & paste). Along came desktop publishing and developing applications. Who would have imagined Photoshop?

Forsaking an ordinary lifestyle, I lived on a sailboat for 20 years, photographing the waters from Nova Scotia to Trinidad and the Caribbean Sea. In my compressed studio aboard ship, I processed film and designed graphics for a business based in Texas. As a result, I became an expert in telecommunications technology and the web. See Home Office Computing.

Professional portrait and wedding photography and assistant   Jacksonville FL      www.kirkchamberlain.com